Bittersweet Moment

Posted 16th October 2019


We all know that change is the universal constant and, in the built environment, there comes a time when the old must be swept away for the new. It was therefore a bittersweet moment for our client as the bungalow on the outskirts of Canterbury formerly belonging to their father and family home of many years, was demolished to allow for the construction of two new dwellings.  These houses will, however, provide new homes for both the client and their relatives and will be built to Passivhaus standard — the highest standard in building energy efficiency and comfort.

In addition to the concept and detailed design, Conker collaborated with Cullen Timber Design to produce the design of the I-joist timber frame. This allows for the most efficient use of materials, therefore avoiding waste.  The most exciting feature of these buildings will undoubtedly be the double-height, floor-to-ceiling glazed living spaces to the rear which will afford views over the countryside and take full advantage of the site’s orientation.

New foundations are now complete for both dwellings, insulated plinth walls in place along with cold bridge insulation around thresholds.

The timber frame is being ordered and will be CNC cut offsite and stick built by the client’s self-build team.

Both dwellings achieve Passivhaus Classic standard.