Conker Launch U Value Calculator Mobile App

Posted 18th May 2015


An Android application for quickly calculating U values in buildings, with a database that includes many eco materials and a guide to the environmental impact of common insulations.

Thermal insulation is one of the most important factors in creating energy efficient and comfortable buildings.  Calculating U values to measure the thermal transmittance through a wall, roof or floor is fundamental to building design, but not all insulations are equal.  Some cause significant pollution during manufacture and disposal, whilst others are renewable and relatively benign.

Wallnuts has been developed by Conker in collaboration with programmer Kingsley Bickle, to provide a quick but comprehensive U value calculation for use on site or during preliminary design, and offer broad guidance on the environmental impact of the insulation materials based on their embodied energy and carbon.

Available at for £4.99.

See attached for more details.