Gatehouse Refurbishment

Posted 1st October 2014


We are currently administering the refurbishment of a delightful Victorian gatehouse on an Estate in Ashford.  The property has suffered from condensation in the past, so we are insulating the internal face of the walls using the Steico wood fibre system with lime plaster finish.  Whilst we have used the external insulation system for some years (as prototyped at the Tyland Farmhouse) this is our first trial of the internal system.

Internal insulation is more difficult than external insulation, as sockets, switches, pipes, radiators, joist ends, partitions and door frames all have to be overcome.  There is also an increased risk of interstitial condensation, however, the Steico/Lime Green system is highly breathable and allows any moisture to be wicked away to the exterior.

The works also include installation of a small ventilation system to create constant air changes, and repairs to windows, repointing and brickwork repairs.