Refurbishment, Energy Efficient Improvements and Extension

Posted 22nd April 2019

This rear extension is currently under construction as part of a phased set of improvements to a 1950s semi-detached house near Sevenoaks. The next phase will involve external wall insulation to the main house itself.

The construction method of the extension itself is conventional, built using cavity external walls but adapted to include more insulation thickness than the amount usually provided for buildings in the UK — which is typically insubstantial. Similarly, the ground floor is also super-insulated to prevent heat loss though the floor slab.

Although there are other methods of constructing thermally-efficient buildings which are economical and carry many advantages over, this case demonstrates that it is possible to use conventional methods and optimise them for better performance. After all, low-energy buildings need not always use space age technology!

The roof has been insulated using sheeps wool between joists and tapered cork insulation above, providing a firm base for the roofing membrane.