School Roof Survey

Posted 28th July 2020

We inspected a school roof where leaks had been ongoing for several years. Roofers had also inspected and made minor repairs but no obvious causes were found. The roof was a very shallow pitch, facing directly south-west.

We stripped a section of roof with assistance from local roofers Ashford & Cranbrook, all appeared in good order until we undertook a water test, this revealed that the breather membrane had totally failed and had become like blotting paper. The multiple layers had delaminated, leaving it with no waterproof properties. The membrane is out of warranty, but we are in discussions with the manufacturer who is undertaking tests in Germany.

Lessons to be learnt from this – do not use the lowest pitch permitted on a long roof slope which faces the prevailing wind; check the wording of warranties, as they require regular inspections in order to remain valid; keep copies of the warranty and inform the provider as soon as any defect is apparent.