What is a Schedule of Condition?

Posted 21st April 2019

A Schedule of Condition is simply a photographic and/or written record of a property’s condition at a specific point in time.

The most common application is when a lease is signed on a property, whereby the Schedule effectively operates to limit a lessee’s liability for dilapidations.

Similarly, when works notifiable under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 are carried out, a Schedule of Condition of the neighbouring owner’s premises may be carried out as a reference in case a dispute arises later down the line. For this reason, we always recommend compiling a Schedule of the neighbour’s property when party wall notices have been consented to and prior to commencement of works. Where Party Wall Notices are required as part of a project that we have been appointed for, we can manage the notice procedure on your behalf and provide a Schedule of Condition.

Another instance where surveyors are brought in to compile Schedules is when defective work has been carried out. A detailed account of the defects by a professional third party can be used as evidence when settling a dispute against a builder or tradesman. In the past we have been appointed to survey and record defective external works, decorations and structural items in order to support the client’s case.

So, Schedules of Condition are very important documents in the world of property and construction — there to provide evidence in case of a dispute, avoid doubt and defend against unreasonable claims of damage to property.