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Caring Wood, Kent

Architects – James Macdonald Wright & Niall Maxwell

We used our Passivhaus experience to help detail this stunning new low energy country residence located outside Maidstone in Kent, which was to be built to Code Level 6, possibly the most ambitious dwelling ever built in the UK to such a standard. Built to Code Level 6 means it is close to being carbon neutral, although this subject is hotly debated in eco building.

It was being built under PPS7  ‘an isolated new house in the countryside ….. clearly of the highest quality, is truly outstanding in terms of its architecture and landscape design, and would significantly enhance its immediate setting and wider surroundings ….. The design of such a house should be ground breaking in its use of materials, methods of construction or its contribution to protecting and enhancing the environment…..’

We worked as part of a team of architects and engineers from London and Wales.  The immense complexity of the design was extremely challenging when trying to eliminate thermal bridges, whilst using very traditional external materials such as ragstone, clay tiles, and handmade bricks.

Winner of a RIBA Regional Award 2017 and RIBA Sustainability Award 2017.