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Wind Cowls

Community Hall Refurbishment

Conker have been collaborating on this wonderful community project since 2010.

The Hall was acquired by the community after it was threatened with demolition by Canterbury City Council.  Conker wrote a report on the building, assessing its potential for refurbishment in support of the case for the Hall being retained.

A new roof covering on a new roof structure sitting over the existing steel roof trusses was installed, incorporating 300mm of sheeps wool insulation.

A natural ventilation system of rotating vents on the ridge of the roof replace the original vents. ┬áThese ‘wind-catchers’ by Vision Vent extract stale air whilst admitting fresh air.

Internally the gable ends are insulated with 140mm sheeps wool.

New lighting, heating, and kitchen bring the Hall into the 21st Century.

Winner of the RICS South East Awards 2015, Community Benefit category

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