Tyland Farmhouse Conversion, Maidstone

This total refurbishment of a 17th century farmhouse from a derelict state into a comfortable office space was carried out for Kent Wildlife Trust staff.

Extensive timber repairs were needed due to the long term exposure to cement render and leaking roofs. Traditional repair techniques and modern methods were used together to retain as much historic fabric as possible.

External wood fibre insulation and lime render replaces 3 to 4 layers of cement render.

Rainwater harvesting serves the WC’s and irrigation system.

Low solvent paints, natural fibre floor finishes, recycled plastic worktops, and recycled car tyre entrance mats complete the project.

Special measures to allow bats to enter the roof space were included, consisting of a whole bat loft at one end of the roof. Access points were made through the roof tiles, and externally mounted bat roosts installed. KWT monitor the roosts.

The project was runner up in 2013 RICS Regional Awards, Building Conservation.