Building Limes Forum

Posted 14th September 2018

Conservation Events

The Building Limes Forum is an organisation that seeks to advocate the use of building limes in construction, spreading technical knowledge and raising awareness of limes’s relevance for the industry today.

The Building Limes Forum 2018 conference took place on the 7 September at Canterbury Cathedral, featuring talks by specialists, practical demonstrations and tours of the cathedral itself, which is currently undergoing a £24.7m conservation and improvements programme.

Lime features often in our projects in the form of plasters renders, mortars and washes; it is an inevitable part of conservation work (where use of modern counterparts would result in damage to historic fabric) but also relevant in the production of sustainable buildings.  Hence lime forms a bridge connecting both the very old and the very new in construction.

Whilst we have amassed a large amount of knowledge on building limes ourselves, there is always scope for learning more from other practitioners in the field.  Indeed, we were particularly impressed by he case studies presented at the conference.  These demonstrated problem solving in a variety of unconventional situations, such as conservation work to the Hampton Court Palace terracottas and stabilisation of an ancient ceiling.  As surveyors it provoked much thought, allowing us to ponder how we could apply the lessons learnt from these cases to our work and conservation approaches.

It was also a real privilege to be granted exclusive access tot he scaffolding of the cathedral, both internal and external, with the guidance of Canterbury cathedral’s head of conservation.

The photos below show the rare once-in-a-century view we were treated to of the nave vaults from the crash deck as well as work in progress to conserve the external stonework.