Eco Refurbishment, Brighton

Posted 2nd April 2019


When we carried out an air leakage test on the existing house, a 1920s bungalow with 1970s additions, the result was a woeful 15 ach. (air charges per hour). To put that into perspective, the building regulations require the air leakage rate in a new building to be no worse than 10 ach and the average new building achieves between 4.4 and 5.5; Passivhaus buildings (the most stringent standard of thermal performance) allows a maximum of 0.6 ach.

Conker provided the technical design to implement the architect’s scheme and to improve the air tightness and insulation levels of the building’s fabric. This first phase involves the addition of front and rear dormers to the main roof and the construction of a new front gable extension (pictured). All will be insulated with natural wood fibre insulation. External wall insulation will follow in the next phase.

It is a challenging project on a number of fronts:- structurally, geometrically and technically. However we are greatly impressed by the contractor’s enthusiasm and collaborative approach which is enabling this project to push ahead with a very high standard of build quality.