Whole House Retrofit

Posted 14th January 2021

Edwardian House in Leigh on Sea

This lovely detached house with sea views looks idyllic, with a modern loft conversion, two balconies and lots of daylight. But after living in the property for a few years the owner described “basically that top floor room has the best views but is unusable due to the extreme heat in summer and the brightness of the sun. You can’t put any furniture or rugs in there as they bleach, you can’t use it as an office as the sun is too bright on screens, you can’t stand on the balcony bare foot as it burns, the balcony is too small to sit on and is surrounded by glass so is unbearably hot” but was otherwise lovely with great views!

We started the investigations with an airleakage and infra-red thermographic survey, with the help of Paul Jennings. This revealed a leakage rate of 5.88ach, which is not bad for an Edwardian property, but in reality nearly all the leakage was in the newish extension and loft, and hardly any to the original solid brick and plastered main house. This meant that the leakage was concentrated into about 30% of the house. Thermal images show typical shoddy dry lining, and no thought at all to draughts which came in through velcro fixed access hatches in the loft storage spaces.

PHPP calculations are now underway to show what scope there is for EnerPHit step by step refurbishment.